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Rates & Policies

Current hourly rates are $160.00 per hour, plus expenses. Expert Testimony rates begin at $300 per hour plus expenses. Expenses may include transportation, lodging, meals, printing, shipping and other out of pocket costs. Clients pay for the time we are working on your behalf offsite and the time we spend together working onsite. Agencies and companies are busy and we understand that you have duties to perform, therefore it is important that we develop a schedule that works for us both. We do not charge for "travel time." We may charge for "wait time," for client delays exceeding 30 minutes if no prior arrangements have been made.

Rates may be negotiable in Requests for Proposals (RFP) and/or final agreements or contracts on a case by case basis.

Prior to our initial time together, we will develop a Scope of Work (SOW) based on the client´s input for their specific areas of interest and need. From the SOW an estimate of the amount of time needed will be prepared for you and can be modified to meet your needs and budget. When you are ready to proceed, a Letter of Engagement, Agreement or Contract will be finalized outlining the agreed SOW and costs. A payment schedule and need for any initial deposit or retainer will also be finalized.

Clients may also be asked to provide additional information to us in advance to make our time together more effective and efficient, plus it saves us time and you money! While onsite work is often important and necessary, we are comfortable with working offsite and electronically as needed.

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