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Policies and Rates

Hugh ConsultingPrior to our time together, you will be asked for a "wish list" of areas you would like assistance with. From that list, a specific topic list and estimate of the amount of time needed will be prepared for you and can be modified to meet your needs and budget. When you are ready to proceed, a Letter of Engagement will be prepared outlining the agreed topics and estimated cost. You will be asked to sign and return the Letter of Engagement, along with a retainer toward the services to be provided.

You will also be given a "homework assignment" to provide important information to us ahead of time to make our time together more effective and efficient, plus it saves us time and you money! Services may be provided in person, by telephone, fax and/or email depending on the requirements of the engagement and mutual agreement.

Fees and expenses for services will be billed on a monthly basis and are due and payable within 15 days of the invoice date. Past Due invoices are subject to a late fee of 1.5% per month (18% per year) on the unpaid balance.
Consulting Services
Consulting services hourly rates are $100.00 per hour, plus expenses. Expenses may include transportation, lodging, meals and other out of pocket costs. You pay for the time we are working for you on your behalf and the time we spend together working on your defined areas of need. We work within your schedule. You are a busy business person and we understand that you have duties to perform. We do not charge for "wait time" or "travel time".

Should you have friends or other business acquaintances in your vicinity, that might also like to engage our services, there may be an ability to share expenses, that would benefit all.

Speaker Fees
Speaker Fees begin at $150 per hour plus expenses depending on the engagement and the organization. The length of the speech, the number of speeches, the number of days required, whether this is an industry organization and/or whether this is a keynote speech all weigh into the total fee. Please contact us for a quote. Generally a deposit is required with the contract.

Expert Witness Fees
Expert Witness Fees begin at $300 per hour for court testimony, depositions and meeting with legal council, plus expenses. Standard Consulting Fees apply to preparation, research and reporting in preparation for testimony.


We are currently available to travel to wherever you are in business.

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