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Hugh Daniels Speaker
Managing Partner, Hugh A. Daniels, has lectured on a number of topics over the last 20 years at a variety of conferences, conventions and meetings. An accomplished public speaker, Hugh is qualified to speak on any number of topics. Ask Hugh also has associates who also have wide experience in public speaking on a variety of topics. Please contact us about topics that are of interest to you and lecture rates.

Hugh has also trained and lectured on a number of Emergency Management topics

The following list of lecture titles are an example of topics that have been presented in the past. We are happy to customize a lecture based on one of these titles or on your specific interests and needs

star Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) Industry Study
       Trends & Applications

star   Maintaining your Momentum, While Exceeding Expectations (Keynote)

star   Financing My New Inn: Where Do I Start?

star   Comparing Your Costs to the Average

star   Regional Financial/Operating Trends with National Travel Trends

star   Financial Information for Aspiring Innkeepers
star   Budgeting and Planning for Your Financial Future

star   Cash Flow Tidbits

star   Cost Containment: What Are Your Options?

star   By the Book: Financial Record Keeping

star   Increase Profits by Lowering Costs

star   Strategic Business Planning

star   Cash Flow and Reading Financial Statements

star   QuickBooks® Overview & Software Strategies

star   PAII Study of Marketing, Operations and Finance 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2006

star   QuickBooks® Lab

star   Knowing Where You Stand Financially

star   Financial Strategies for Small Inns

star   PAII Industry Statistics for the Aspiring Innkeeper

star   Preserve the Past: Create the Future (Keynote)

star   Industry Study: How to Compare Your Inn to the Study Results

star   Cash Flow: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

star   Association Leaders: Taking It to the Next Level

star   Is There Life After Innkeeping? Yes

star   Need Cash, Get Cash, Financing for Capital Improvements

star   QuickBooks® Competence: Get Set Up and Keep It Going

star   By the Numbers: Using the PAII Industry Studies to Increase Profits

star   Improving Your Check-in & Check-out Procedures

star   It's Only a Matter of Time - Will You Be Ready for an Emergency?

star   Balancing the Budget: Association Resources Beyond Dues

star   Associations: Make Your Comment Card Monitoring System Mean Something

star   Innkeepers in Politics

Other Potential Topics:

star   Selling your Property: How to Plan

star   Business Tax Requirements

star   Basic Accounting

star   Housekeeping Hints

star   Buying a Property and Due Diligence

star   And more . . . .

Emergency Management Topics:

star   Family Preparedness

star   Be Ready Business (Business Continuity of Operations and Preparation)

star   Exercise and Evaluations

star   Community Emergency Management

star   Employee Preparedness

star   And more . . . .

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